The Global Pouch

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Passport Wallet
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Global Pouch
from $85
Altitude Billfold 2.0
from $85
Commuter Zip Wallet
Pioneer Division and Molecule wallet navy
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Division Billfold
from $89
Altitude Billfold 2.0
from $85
Molecule Cardholder
from $65
The Flyfold 2.0
from $80


The 'classic wallet' has been re-engineered. The Division Billfold is the strongest and most advanced full-sized billfold on the market.

The Flyfold

Strength in simplicity, a unique and modern style that's tough as nails. Its the cardholder for billfold fans, and the billfold for cardholder fans. Make the switch.

A better way to build a wallet

Engineering wallets in a new way using heat welding, laser cutting and precision craft.

Choose your materials

Our custom technical fabrics are engineered for extreme durability and premium hand-feel, including weaves 10x stronger than steel. Which one is right for you?

About Pioneer Carry

Since 2016 Pioneer has been a leader in textile wallets and engineering forward-thinking carry goods with the world's most advanced fabrics and manufacturing methods...