We engineer custom fabrics and materials that combine unparalleled performance and strength with a refinement often overlooked in our industry. When you hold our products in your hand you will feel an instant difference, leading you to form a new love relationship with premium technical fabrics. This idea was the very genesis of Pioneer and is still the main mission today.


Contains the world’s strongest fiber (UHMWPE) which is 10x stronger than steel per weight. The ripstop weave and slight shine gives a technical yet refined look that is almost jewel-like. Features a luxurious smooth surface feel that begs to be held. It's the material that put us on the map for a reason.

Our thinnest and strongest offering.

Top Pick: Try it in Onyx in the Division Billfold

Details: 20% Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. 80% high-density nylon. Ripstop weave. DWR coating. Semi-gloss finish.


We shrunk down a well-known workhorse fabric and put it through finishing school. Maintaining the rugged/tactical spirit of ballistic nylon we reduced the bulk, shine, and oversized weave, creating a refined and precise material better suited for your pocket and our fine-tuned construction.

Top Pick: Try it in the Global Pouch XL.

Details: 100% high-density nylon.
Oxford weave. DWR coated. Satin finish.


(Formerly known as 3PN™) is similar to 10XD™ but contains 100% nylon which allows us to offer solid and vibrant colors that 10XD™ can not be dyed into. 3XD™ has a more matte finish and subtle textured/grippy feel.

Top Pick: Try it in Navy in the Matter Bifold

Details: 3-Ply 100% high-density nylon. Ripstop weave. DWR coating. Matte finish.


The defining material of our travel packs, this premium super fabric is specially woven to endure the longest hauls while maintaining a professional composure for the perfect combination of grit and grace. Woven with twisted yarn ballistic nylon for a denser, stronger weave. Featuring a DWR finish and backed with a waterproof membrane. Mandarin 840™ is a heavyweight high-tenacity nylon fabric with a rich and unique dobby weave. It exhibits excellent abrasion resistance while maintaining a supremely luxurious hand-feel and unique wrinkle-free look.

Details: 100% high-density heavy weight nylon. Unique two layered dobby weave. DWR coated. Satin finish.

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