What is 10XD?

Known for being the worlds strongest fiber, 10XD fabric is our custom blend of UHMWPE (ultra high-molecular-weight-polyethylene) and nylon. UHMWPE is found in climbing equipment, nautical rope, and military uses, to name a few. Woven at our mill in South Korea, a dirt and water resistant coating is then applied. The end result is a strong ripstop fabric with a tight weave and smooth luxurious finish.

10XD Wallets won't fatigue or age with time. This is the premium fabric that helped put Pioneer on the map and is worthy of your consideration.

Colors: Onyx, Forest, Black/White, Blue/White.

What is 3PN?

3PN is a 3-ply nylon ripstop fabric. It features a dirt and water resistant coating which is applied after the fabric is milled. Since 10XD cannot be dyed in solid colors or achieve a fully matte finish, 3PN allows us to maintain our standard of durability and longevity while allowing us to offer limitless solid colors and a matte finish.

3PN is stronger and slimmer than leather, waterproof, machine washable and woven to last a lifetime.

Colors: Navy, Earth, Slate

Which fabric should I choose?

Our field tested results for durability of the two fabrics in wallet form is similar. 3PN is fully matte while 10XD has a subtle sheen due to the UHMWPE. If you are on the fence about which fabric to choose- we recommend going with your preferred color.

While there are many 'durable' fabrics in the worlds, very few achieve durability and refinement. We custom weave all of our fabrics to rival the premium nature and feel of leather while adding modern technology and benefits. All wallets are supported by our 10 year warranty.