Better Materials Make Better Products

Pioneer engineers technical fabrics that combine strength with refinement. The balance of form and function creates the best products that are worth holding onto.

All our fabrics are extremely durable, dirt and water repellant and easily washable. All options meet a very high standard of durabilty as well as premium handfeel and appearance. None of our fabrics are really 'better' than another in our experience and opinion. But one thing is for sure- they are all better than leather.

10XD™ contains the world’s strongest fiber; (UHMWPE) which is 10X stronger than steel per weight. The ripstop weave and slight shine gives a technical yet refined look that is almost jewel-like. Features a luxurious smooth surface feel that begs to be held.

Top Pick: Try it in Forest in the Altitude Billfold

Details: 20% Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. 80% high-density nylon. Ripstop weave. DWR coating. Semi-gloss finish.

3XD™(formerly known as 3PN™) is similar to 10XD™ but contains 100% nylon which allows us to offer solid and vibrant colors that 10XD™ can not be dyed into. Features a more matte finish and a rugged tactile feel.

Top Pick: Try it in Navy in the Matter Bifold

Details: 3-Ply 100% high-density nylon. Ripstop weave. DWR coating. Matte finish.

We shrunk down a well-known workhorse fabric and put it through finishing school. Maintaining the rugged/tactical spirit of ballistic nylon we reduced the bulk, shine, and oversized weave, creating a refined and precise material better suited for your pocket and our fine-tuned construction.

Available only in The Flyfold.

Details: 100% high-density nylon.
Oxford weave. DWR coated. Satin finish.

Apparel-like in appearance; this fabric blends well with athletic wear, yoga pants or even scrubs. The handfeel is oh so soft. Flexibility is the secret to its strength and longevity.

Details: 92% nylon 8% spandex. DWR coating. Matte finish.

The Flyfold 2.0
from $80
Global Pouch
from $85
Passport Wallet
from $109
Division Billfold
from $89
Altitude Billfold 2.0
from $85
Molecule Cardholder
from $65
Matter Bifold
from $75
Ion Cardholder
from $55