The Flyfold

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A cult-favorite billfold stripped down to the very essentials for simplicity and increased strength. Our slimmest billfold by far, yet also the highest capacity at 16+ cards and up to 30+ bills.

Designer's note: This progressive style is a leap for some, but once they try it they become true believers. The truth is, you use 1-2 of the same cards 90% of the time.  This design builds around that while letting you stuff it as full as you want. Have you seen a snake swallow a rabbit? It's like that. 

(The 2.0 version has been entirely re-engineered from the ground-up with better hand-feel, durability and increased capacity.)

  • Holds 16+ cards and full-length bills (most of any wallet)
  • 2 Inward facing slots so card never slip out.
  • Premium waterproof, technical super fabric
  • RFID protection on all colors. 
  • W: 208mm x H: 82mm x 2.5mm (open) W: 110mm (closed)

10XD™ - 10X stronger than steel, this ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene is our premium technical offering. A smooth DWR finish repels dirt and water keeping your wallet in like-new condition for years.

3XD™ - Featuring a luxurious matte finish and amazing hand feel, 3XD is a 3-ply nylon with dirt and water resistance (DWR), and out performs leather in every way. Formerly known as 3PN.

Baby Ballistic - We shrunk down a well-known workhorse fabric and put it through finishing school. Maintaining the rugged/tactical spirit of ballistic nylon we reduced the bulk, shine, and oversized weave, creating a refined and precise material better suited for your pocket and our fine-tuned construction.

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Our 10XD™ super fabric is ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene yarn (ten times stronger than steel per weight) blended into a fine nylon ripstop.

The dense and tactile finish repels dirt and water, keeping your wallet in like-new condition for years.


High stress areas feature bar tack stitch clusters for endurance, wallet seams are prone to bursting so we have eliminated seams that would be impossible in a leather construction.


FutureForm™ technology is the pliable core of our wallets giving them form and a leather-like hand feel.

Engineered to break in with use and time, but never break down as leather does.


Soggy leather wallets weigh you down and fall apart. If you ride to work in the summer you know the feeling.

And if you throw your jeans in the wash without checking your pockets you are in the clear. Dirty wallet? Wash it off.

Customer Reviews

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Love this wallet so far. Exactly what I was looking for. Holds tons of cards, money and is very slim and feels durable.

Blake M
My favorite wallet

I used the original Flyfold for years, and have been using the current Flyfold 2.0 for a couple months now (nothing wrong with my original, just wanted the upgrades on the 2.0). This has been the perfect wallet for me, and the 2.0 is even better; somehow the material is more flexible and more durable, and didn't require 'breaking in' like the original version did; the corners are rounded and more comfortable in the pocket, and more capacity if you need it. I like how this wallet has a more traditional design while being very thin. My daily carry is some cash and 8 cards. It's easy to add, remove, and sort through your cash, a few different currencies have all fit well; I also put gift cards in the cash slot temporarily too. The card slots are quick enough to use, I keep my most used cards on the front or the back where they're easiest to slide out. I like how my cards can only be removed manually, no chance of losing them; and the RFID blocking is nice to have, a necessity these days if you ask me. I have the black onyx color, which stays clean and looks great. I'm in the outdoors a lot in various weather, and this wallet holds up to everything, even water and sweat; it will take your cash longer to dry out than this wallet. I have tried a lot of wallets similar to this, and this is the best functioning and looking 'slimmer' wallet that I've found, I'm very excited to keep using the 2.0 version. I don't miss the classic black leather wallets that most guys use at all. Thanks Pioneer for such a great product!

lance miller
Wallet for a lifetime

Just got my second Flyfold 2.0 just in case the Earth stops moving and I just can't get another. This wallet is made to last a lifetime. Love the ballistic quality of this wallet and it is a perfect size for me. I carry 7 cards with some bills and also store the wallet in my front pocket. I will never by another!