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Ion Bifold onyx closed front Pioneer
Ion Cardholder
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Ion Cardholder
Ion Bifold slate closed front Pioneer
Ion Cardholder
Ion Cardholder
3pn slate material closeup
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Ion Bifold evergreen closed front Pioneer
Ion Cardholder
Ion Cardholder
3pn evergreen material closeup
Ion Cardholder
Ion Bifold black closed front Pioneer
Ion Cardholder
Ion Cardholder
10xd black material closeup
Ion Cardholder
Ion Cardholder
Ion Bifold blue closed front Pioneer
Ion Cardholder
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Ion Cardholder
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Ion Cardholder
Ion Cardholder
Ion Cardholder
Ion Cardholder
Ion Cardholder

Ion Cardholder

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Durable Performance Fabrics

Water Resistant

Slimmer Than Leather

Washing Machine Safe


The smallest and most minimal option, and the style that started it all. Slim, seamless, and secure for active users who demand simplicity. Holds up to 6 cards. If you have more than 8, consider the Matter Bifold Wallet.

  • Holds 4-6 cards and folded bills
  • 103 mm x 150 mm x 2 mm (open)
  • 27 grams

10XD™ -
10X stronger than steel, this ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene is our premium technical offering. A smooth DWR finish repels dirt and water keeping your wallet in like-new condition for years.
Colors: Onyx, Forest, Blue/White, Black/White.

3PN™ - Featuring a luxurious matte finish and amazing hand feel, 3PN is a 3-ply nylon with dirt and water resistance (DWR), and out performs leather in every way.
Available colors: Slate, Evergreen, Navy, Earth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Misha Vaksman
Reviewing after a few years of use

I’ve had the blue version of this wallet for a few years now. It’s held up extremely well. The edges show a little wear but that’s about it. Over time it became easier to fit more cards and felt much more broken in. I have 5 in mine and it’s very easy to insert or remove them. Perfect size and excellent quality!

Even Four cards is a TIGHT fit

I tried my best to jam in 4 credit cards ( 2 per side) and managed with a lot of effort and wrangling to get them in. Now try and get one out. Forget it! I challenge anyone to insert six cards, and get one out. Totally impractical for daily use as a card holding wallet.

Tammy Baker
great product

I've been looking for an item like this since my husband's previous one was falling apart. I had a customer come in to my Post Office and he pulled one of these out of his pocket. I asked where he had gotten in and he allowed me to take a picture of the item. I went home that night and ordered one for my husband. He loves it! Great Christmas gift. It's very good quality, great craftsmanship.

About the Ion Bifold Wallet

The Ion Bifold wallet is the Pioneer wallet that started it all. After being unable to find a modern wallet that was built to last, we decided it was time to design our own. This minimalist option displays a modern design in a compact package. It is slim and seamless, giving you a professional look while outperforming any other wallet.

Designed for users that demand a slim and secure wallet, it can be used in your front or back pocket. The two pocket organization is great for holding 2-6 cards, and bifold closure means you can always ensure your cards are safe inside.

Utilizing a design that has been through years of testing, we feel that this is the perfect all around wallet.

Made from Modern Materials

Ion Bifold has offerings in both our 10XD, and 3PN fabrics. These fabrics are the basis of all of our wallets, giving them their core features of slimness, water-resistance, and strength. Finished with a DWR coating to allow water to bead off the material, you won't find any wallet with higher performance standards.

Learn more about our materials →

What's in the box

Your new Ion Bifold will be delivered in elegant and sturdy packaging, made from durable cardboard. Included with the wallet is a dust pouch made from technical fabric. This simple but modern packaging makes our wallets the perfect gift for friends or family.

pioneer carry wallet box on white
pioneer ion bifold wallet open and closed
Ion Bifold Black and White

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