Why leather is NOT the future of wallets.

Pioneer was founded by asking simple questions. Why are men's wallets made out of leather? Can't any of the modern materials invented in the last century do a better job? Can't we add new benefits with new materials that leather doesn't offer? It turned out you could. So we did. And here's why-

When is the last time you saw a guy carrying a leather suitcase?...or a leather backpack? How about a leather jacket? The reason for the decline is simple- there are now better materials for the job. The introduction of lightweight synthetics, new construction methods and stronger, lighter materials have replaced leather. Men's accessories have shifted entirely- the Rolex is now the Apple Watch, the leather loafer in now the Nike Flyknit and the leather briefcase is a lightweight nylon backpack from your favorite outdoor brand. Pioneer is a part of this modern shift and our goal is that our wallets perfectly fit into this new way

But leather is so timeless. We cannot deny a leather wallet is 'classic' just like Classical music and the Model T and medieval armor -they have their place in history and are nice to refer back to now and again but as a daily commuter I'd prefer a Tesla over a Model T- or a Tesla over a Chevy for that matter. Objects become antiquated because they lose their utility or relevance when someone better comes along and go from being functional to sentimental. There is a time and place for sentimentality but for a daily tool in your back pocket at all times- a modern, slimmer, stronger, minimalist, waterproof wallet makes sense.

“The thing is, it's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.” -Jony Ive. We didn't take a leather wallet pattern and skin it in synthetics. That would be missing the point. We painstakingly developed our own way of manufacturing wallets- starting with innovative fabrics that didn't exist 30 years ago. With these materials we engineered our own core technology we call FutureForm that fuses our wallets together using less stitching and therefore increased durability. This keeps the wallets thin, yet structured. Every single wallet is patterned and folded and fused in a way that no other wallet has even been before and takes advantage of the materials in a way leather never could.

Is a Rolex better than an Apple watch? We know which one costs more and we know which one has more functionality. We know they both have intense amounts of craftsmanship and engineering and both are visually appealing enough to feel socially acceptable for most all occasions. We like to think of Pioneer as the modern newcomer that can hold its own. While artisan luxury leather wallets have their place and our respect- we are building something else that we hope ranks similar in craft, similar in its use of premium materials and tactility- and similarly commands respect to all who encounter it. We invite you to try us out. See what we believe to be the future of wallets.