Pioneer Launches: 3PN Technical Wallet Fabric

Pioneer Introduces: 3PN™

3PN is our newest range of wallets made from 3-ply dirt & water repellent (DWR) nylon ripstop enhanced by a thin FutureForm™ structural core for added resilience and longevity.

This uniquely flexible, maintenance-free, waterproof material is designed to be slimmer and stronger than leather with a luxurious and modern feel. The all new material is available in two brand new colors, Slate and Evergreen.

Matter Bifold Slate open front
Matter Bifold Slate open front

What is 3PN?

3PN is a 3-ply nylon ripstop fabric. It features a DWR (dirt and water resistant) coating. Since 10XD cannot be dyed in solid colors or achieve a fully dull/matte finish- 3PN helps us maintain our standard of durability and longevity while allowing us to offer limitless solid colors and a matte finish. 3PN is stronger and slimmer than leather, waterproof, machine washable and woven to last a lifetime.

3PN can now be found across our entire wallet collection.

Division Billfold Slate open front