Mass production creates perfection


This week was Pioneer's 3 year anniversary. Today we received our newest batch of wallets from our production team. Seeing and feeling these freshly minted wallets I reflected on our very first production run and how far the quality has come. It became clear the benefit of insisting on endless tiny seemingly invisible tweaks month after month and what it was building towards.


While a head chef may craft the first dish and write the recipe, he eventually has to hand it all over to the other cooks in the kitchen to replicate night after night. It is an anxious thing to hand over an original to be duplicated 4000+ times. We have created a great symbiotic relationship with design and production at Pioneer. And today, our cooks have outdone the chef and have made a dish (wallet) better than the original.


Many high-precision goods actually get better when they go from sampling to production. The standardization, molds, fixtures, and optimized steps refines the process and product to be exactly to spec. Getting into a flow makes stitch lines straighter, heat welding gets more consistent and speed actually becomes a friend to quality.

Pioneer wallets are made like no other in the world, and I hope that when you get yours you take the time to inspect every detail, because we engineer every detail with purpose, and we like it when people appreciate the same things we do.