Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
matter billfold earth open on white background with cards
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold Slate open front
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold evergreen open front
Matter Bifold evergreen closed front
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold
Matter Bifold

Matter Bifold

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Durable Performance Fabrics

Water Resistant

Slimmer Than Leather

Washing Machine Safe


The perfect hybrid of slim and high-capacity. A step up from a card holder while more compact than a full billfold.

  • Holds 4-12+ cards and folded bills
  • 2 Inward facing slots perfect for coins or folded bills
  • RFID protection available in Onyx color
  • 164 mm x 98 mm x 3 mm (open)
  • 35 grams

10XD™ -
10X stronger than steel, this ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene is our premium technical offering. A smooth DWR finish repels dirt and water keeping your wallet in like-new condition for years.
Colors: Onyx, Forest, Blue/White, Black/White.

3PN™ - Featuring a luxurious matte finish and amazing hand feel, 3PN is a 3-ply nylon with dirt and water resistance (DWR), and out performs leather in every way.
Available colors: Slate, Evergreen, Navy, Earth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Christopher D'Antonio
Early Impression: solid slim wallet, good feel and construction

I had a little difficulty getting a shipping confirmation at first, and nearly had to contest the charge to my credit card because customer service was initially entirely unresponsive, but it seemed that they were able to get underway processing my request before I had to take action. I have since received the wallet and find it to be as advertised, apparently solid construction and slim build. I am waiting to see how it is once broken in, because it's still a bit rigid and it can be tricky to access cards attached behind the others without having to pull all of them out. Pleased with the color and feel.

Alex MacDonald
Henry is the man!

This wallet is beautiful. Truly an amazing design and what’s even better is the customer service. My wallet was lost in the mail and the post office told me I was out of luck because the package wasn’t insured. I contacted pioneer and asked them if there was anything they could do and Henry sent me a brand new wallet free of charge right away. I would recommend this company to everybody because of the high quality products they sell, but also because the customer service is phenomenal.

Looks amazing but very stiff.

Very stiff. To the point it’s hard to use. Getting the number of cards listed is possible but not a joy to use. A mm more here or there and it would still be small but more useable. Looking forward to an update hopefully

pioneer matter bifold navy on grey background
matter bifold slate in hands on white

About the Matter Bifold

The Matter Bifold is the perfect middle-ground between a cardholder and a full billfold wallet. If you're hoping to step up from a cardholder, or slim down for a traditional billfold, the Matter Bifold is for you.

It's 4 pocket organization system is ideal for those that need a little extra room in their wallet. With the ability to hold over 12 cards, there are near limitless options of card sorting. You can also carry a small number of bills by folding them in half and sliding them into one of the secure interior pockets.

The Matter Bifold is small enough to fit in your front or back pocket, and even has RFID protection in our Onyx color. Field testing by athletes and businessmen alike, it's has become a well loved classic.

Made from Modern Materials

Matter Bifold has offerings in both our 10XD, and 3PN fabrics. These fabrics are the basis of all of our wallets, giving them their core features of slimness, water-resistance, and strength. Finished with a DWR coating to allow water to bead off the material, you won't find any wallet with higher performance standards.

Learn more about our materials →

What's in the box

Your new Matter Bifold will be delivered in elegant and sturdy packaging, made from durable cardboard. Included with the wallet is a dust pouch made from technical fabric. This simple but modern packaging makes our wallets the perfect gift for friends or family.

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