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Over two years of product design, development, and testing are coming to a close. We are excited to finally share that a new travel series will be coming to Pioneer.

These are products that many of you have been asking about for a while now, and we are really pleased with the final outcome. Included in the mix is a Passport wallet that truly perpetuates our core values of durability and strength while maintaining a straightforward and timeliness construction.

Featuring technical fabrics designed to both outlast and outperform conventional materials, this wallet has the capacity to take your travels to the next level. It will have a dedicated passport slot and interior card slots, along with ample room for cash, tickets, or other essentials.

While we hoped to have this wallet ready for release in Spring of 2020, we have been delayed a bit due to COVID.

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  • Dan

    Please do not use glue to stick any parts of your products … it does not last long and are peeling off. Just stitch them together with thread simple and easy. For that prices you are asking glue is out of the question, remember you market your products as lifetime wallets.

  • Jan Trondsen

    SO strange, I came here looking for a passport wallet…and was not disappointed! Look forward to this for sure.

  • Alwaleed

    I can’t wait to get my hands on your travel wallets! Traveling has been a pain recently. Most of my trips aren’t very convenient because not all airports provide the scannable passes. So I can’t wait to see what you guys got!

  • Martin Taylor

    As a backer and proud owner of your wallet, I look forward to this.

    But please – include improved RFID protection or leave out the claim of being supported. The onyx rfid on wallet doesn’t work at all. I know I and alot of others mentioned this on KS.


  • Richard

    Hi Folks, This is great news. Really hoping you’ll be making these in Red with White for us Swiss folks and, no matter what color(s), I’m hoping they will have room for our 91mm wide passports, as opposed to the 88mm wide EU passports. ALl the best R

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